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Tada! It’s here!

Yes! It’s finally here! I was excited to receive my diploma from the University of North Texas last week. I spent several years working for my MLS so I have been on pins and needles waiting for the official document. I didn’t go to graduation (too far and I’ve been to Denton enough this year for class!) so this was my moment of pomp and circumstance. I am very happy to have completed the program, but sad that I won’t have the challenge of new classes each semester. Some professors made a huge difference in my career and professional goals, I’ll miss the interaction with them. Other professors, well honestly, not so much! I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me to finish when I could have stopped after reaching my certification hours and saved many headaches and lots of tuition! My family really believed that I could finish this degree while changing jobs (three times) and even school districts. Jeff tolerated many late nights of frenzied paper writing and put up with me reading books in the car, on vacation, at stop lights….  My mother absolutely refused to stop badgering me about achieving this goal, and my father rolled his eyes at every worry I had about not getting good grades- which was his way of saying I would. I know that this program has pushed me to be a better librarian and educator. Go MEAN GREEN! (That’s as much school spirit as I have ever mustered!) What do you think, should I order these library tattoos to celebrate?

I just completed a four day TAP training in Bastrop, Texas at the Lost Pines Resort. The training was fast, furious, and frustrating at times, but I think that the program will help all teachers improve and in the long run make things better for our kids. TAP encourages constant growth and reflection on the part of teachers and administrators. I wish that I had been part of this program earlier in my teaching career… think of all the kids I could have helped! This is my fifteenth year in education- it adds up! I recommend the Lost Pines Resort as a beautiful, though not budget friendly place to vacation… take your own cooler! The dessert is fabulous and the spa relaxing…I want to go back, but when I can sleep in late and do whatever I want!

Happy fourth of July!

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I am geeky enough to admit that I took only a bit of time off to watch fireworks. I played with more than one of the 23 things and read my latest fantasy book, The Looking Glass Wars, instead. It is fantastic, if you love fantasy (YA or adult) check it out. We could see the fireworks from the front yard, so I had plenty of time to do both! But I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the blog lately, so I will put myself in a bit of a timeout to do things that don’t involve sitting and typing- the 23 things have been so interesting!